the symbols



There’s a problem with one or your airbags or another safety restraint system (like your seatbelt), and it may fail to deploy in a collision.


anti-lock braking system

There is an issue with your anti-lock braking system. You’ll be able to break but the ABS function may be disabled.



There’s a problem with your brakes. It could be as simple as forgetting to turn off your parking brake so make sure it is disengaged.

Charging System-04.png

Charging system

Something is wrong with your battery or alternator (the system that sends charge to your battery), and it may cause your vehicle to stop running.

Check engine-10.png

Check engine

This could light up for a number of reasons from a loose or missing fuel cap to an engine problem.

Cruise Control-06.png

cruise control

Your cruise control system is on. (Sometimes this is simply replaced with an icon that says cruise or cruise control.)



One or more of your doors are open. Safely pull over and check your doors and trunk.

Engine Temperature-07.png

Engine Temperature

The temperature of your engine is too high. Safely pull over and turn off your engine as soon as possible, then call your mechanic.

Gas Pump-08.png


Your gas tank is almost empty. Head to your nearest gas station.

High Beams-09.png

high beams

Your high beam headlights are turned on. If there are other drivers coming towards you, turn them off.

Oil Pressure-11.png

Oil pressure or oil pressure system

Your engine is low on oil or there is a problem with the oil pressure system.

Seat Belt-14-14.png

Seat belts

Make sure everyone in your vehicle is safely buckled up.

Tire Pressure-13.png

Tire pressure

Your tire pressure may be too high or too low. Make sure the pressure in your tires matches the manufacturer’s recommendation.


Traction control system

This light may flash on and off while you’re driving in slippery conditions, indicating the vehicle’s traction control system is active - drive carefully.


Windshield wiper fluid

Your windshield fluid level is low. Fill up your tank with a weather appropriate solution as soon as possible.